• Greetings from Happy Campervanners!

    13th Nov 2014 0 Comments

    Hi Sandra, 

    I hope all is well with you all in Mill Garage. 

    We continue to thoroughly enjoy our sexy campervan, it’s been a great adventure enjoying the layout and choices we’ve made. 

    Including the Scotsure guarantee has proved to be very reassuring, and enabled us to sort some issues which came to light, which could happen with any second hand vehicles. 

    The T5 is definitely one of the most comfortable vans I’ve driven in the last thirty years and really fits the campervan brief. I’d recommend to anyone the advantages of the LWB and the extra space this offers. I could rattle on about so many of the features, but to single one out I would say the inclusion of the leisure battery charger. OK I admit I love our curtains, the fabric which Shona found in Perth. 

    I have to tell you what triggered me to e-mail you. I got a fright yesterday when driving towards our side of town I saw a campervan which looked identical to ours! I knew Shona didn’t have ours I was almost convinced ours had been stolen! I did see this vehicle 400m away! What a relief when I saw ours in the street! I am absolutely convinced it is one built by you guys as, the roof, vent decals everything looked the same. 

    I hope you all have a great festive Season when it comes. 

    I will continue to tell anyone who is prepared to listen about the qualities of your Customer service and quality of service. 



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