• Problem With Damp?

    29th Oct 2014 0 Comments

    Problem With Damp?

    Don’t be disheartened by damp in your caravan or motorhome, bring it into The Mill Garage and we will sort it out for you.

    Damp is one of the things that strikes fear into any caravan or motorhome owner. Musty smells and mould can develop if damp gets in and the source of the damp can be hard to find.  The water can travel along any horizontal beams, sneaking in through the smallest hole, perhaps through rubber seals, un-drained boilers or dated mastic, spreading out as the water is joined by more water.  Running between boards of the wall until the damage is all too obvious.  Even in a new motorhome, normal showering, cooking, hanging washing up to dry and breathing can make it damp inside.

    A recent customer had just this problem with his motorhome and brought it into The Mill Garage. Water had seeped in over a period of time and the wood on the back wall had become rotten.  The damaged wood was all stripped away and replaced with hard wood battening, insulated with polystyrene and skinned with plywood.  See the photos below.

    Before –

    IMAG1992    IMAG1994    IMAG1996

    After –

    IMAG2000    IMAG2001

    So before you lock up your motorhome or caravan and leave it for winter, check it for damp or bring it into the guys at The Mill Garage and we can check it for you.


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